Friday, August 06, 2010

At last!!

I'm pleased to report that we FINALLY have a fitted and working
shower! It's very posh - the company found us one with the pipes going
in the right side, and although it was considerably more expensive
than the one we chose first, they honoured the original price, which
was a very pleasant surprise!
Now we just need the fire sorting out, and hopefully that should be it
for a while!
Charlie had another lovely day at holiday club and his costume was
chosen as one of the winners, so he won extra prize tokens, which
pleased him no end!
We're off to a Dalek Invasion day tomorrow - we went to the same event
this time last year and Charlie loved it. He can't wait to see all the
Dr Who monsters again. I think he's planning on digging out his
Cyberman costume for the occasion!
Here's a pic of Charlie making some cookies earlier - he's getting
pretty good at cooking now and really enjoyed scoffing his biscuits!
(By the way, I still can't get over how beautifully ruby-red his lips
are these days! Makes me smile!)

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