Sunday, August 01, 2010

August 1, 2010

Hi folks - wow, I can't believe it's August and a couple of weeks of the summer hols have flown by already.
Charlie's on top form, and is off to the holiday club in the village every morning this week, which he's really looking forward to. Lots of his friends are going AND he gets to collect tokens to win prizes at the end of the week! What more could a boy want!
He really seems to be shooting up at the moment - I just had to buy him some new jeans because all of his others were a couple of inches too small. He's into an age 7-8 in most things now - although some trousers still need to be age 6-7 because he's got a long body and shorter legs! It's so great to see him growing and thriving.
I've just posted a slideshow of our Disney pics below (I did it via a different website this time, so you might have to wait a few seconds for it to open in a new screen when you hit play. I couldn't resist because I wanted to try a slideshow with music this time!) Hope you like the photos - they're not brilliant (stupid iPhone camera...) but you get the idea!
Back soon!

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