Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010

Hi folks.
We've had a fairly busy day today - we were up and out quite early to
pick up our new fridge freezer.
It's all worked out rather well really - my brother is re-doing his
kitchen and needed to get rid of his lovely stainless steel fridge
freezer, while ours is on its last legs and really needed replacing.
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!
Unfortunately, while we were out, our next-door neighbour rang to say
that their garage had been burgled overnight and their son's motorbike
had been stolen.
Rewind to earlier this morning as we were leaving our house... Pete
noticed our garage was slightly ajar as he got in the car and asked if
I'd been in there this week and left it open - which I hadn't.
I went and fetched the key so we could lock it, but the key wouldn't
go into the lock, so we just assumed the lock had finally given up the
ghost, because it was a little rickety anyway.
Facetious as always, I even told Pete to check if any of the junk was
missing from the garage, in the hope that any would-be burglars had
saved us a (much-needed) trip to the rubbish tip.
Little did we know that quite a few garages in the area were raided
last night - including ours.
So far it seems that not much was taken... apart from my neighbour's
bike. I feel so terrible for him - he's worked so hard to get his bike
roadworthy before he turned 17 earlier this month.
It makes me so angry to think of people who think it's acceptable to
damage property and take things that don't belong to them. It's so
unfair. (But at the same time, I feel quite smug that the crooks
wasted time and effort trying to get into OUR garage - only to find
two broken lawnmowers, an old bed and a leaky pressure-washer!)
Anyway, our road has been swarming with police, CID and SOCOs all day
(which Charlie has found rather exciting and has been telling anyone
in uniform who will listen EXACTLY what has happened!)
Charlie and I have spent the afternoon putting a CD of music together
for his birthday party - lots of film soundtracks in evidence - Star
Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Batman and Spiderman, not forgetting
Harry Potter (and the essential Dr Who theme tune too!)
As I write, he's prancing about the lounge dancing to the music,
cracking his Indiana Jones whip and waving his lightsaber around in
true Darth Vader-ish style!
Anyway, that's all for now - watch this space for all of Charlie's
half-term fun!

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