Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Nice day today - Charlie and I had a lazy morning (Pete was working
from home today though, so he appeared for coffee and a chat now and
Chas pottered around - crayoning his new Star Wars colouring book,
playing on the Wii, reading some books and dancing around to the music
CD we've put together for his birthday party.
His friends Sam and Ben called round for him this afternoon, so they
went off to play with their remote-controlled trucks and (as I heard
later) to play football on the trampoline!!
We've been doing some of his half-term homework this evening (how's
that for organised!) so he's done his maths, read one of his books and
done his spellings. All we have left is to write about a journey he's
been on this week, read the other book and keep practising his
spellings! (I'm sure I never had that much homework in infant school!)
He and I are going out tomorrow to the science museum with my friend
Kelly and her two girls. It should be another fun day - lots of
buttons to push and interesting things to see!
That's all for now, folks!
PS We received some photos taken at the wedding we went to the other
day in the caves - they turned out pretty well so I'll try to scan
them in when I get a minute!

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