Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

Well, the clocks go back tonight, so it's an extra hour in bed
tomorrow morning - yippee!
Charlie is very excited about his surprise tomorrow - even though he
still doesn't know what it is! He keeps asking and trying to catch us
out so we tell him what's happening... but we haven't told him yet!
(And I'm not telling you either - you'll have to wait too!)
He spent a happy half hour this afternoon writing a list of things
we've done/need to do before his birthday/party, while Pete and I were
clearing out the conservatory in anticipation of an invasion by ten
kids and a baby next weekend.
I've been making daleks out of fondant icing to decorate his cake,
which I'll be making later this week, so we're almost ready to rock
and roll now!
It's going to be a really busy week though - Charlie doesn't go back
to school until Tuesday because he has an inset day on Monday, so I
need to make sure I fit everything in before his birthday.
On top of all the birthday preparations, I'm still polishing my talk
for Thursday's conference - I just need Pete to help me sort out my
PowerPoint presentation to go with it. I can't believe it's come round
so quickly - it was July when I found out I'd be speaking, and
November seemed such a long way away.
I am looking forward to it - albeit with some trepidation - it will be
nice to share our experiences of antenatal diagnosis with the people
who actually did the diagnosing.
Pete and I have also been asked to attend the faculty dinner in the
evening, which should be fun!
There's so much happening over the next few days, so watch this space!

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