Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

Charlie's friend Fiona came home with us after school today - they get on like a house on fire!
They had loads of fun playing and decorated some Christmas biscuits (although I think more icing went in their mouths than on the biscuits...)
They were both getting very excited at the prospect of advent calendars tomorrow and are counting the days until their outing to the pantomime!
I can't believe it's December tomorrow - time is whizzing by. It's Pete's birthday next week, so I'd better start thinking about his present! Poor Pete - December birthdays must be rotten... they always get overshadowed by all the Christmas stuff!
It's freezing cold here, but no more snow yet - although they keep threatening it. The temperature has barely gone above zero all week. Brrrrrr.
Anyway - I'd better make Charlie's tea!
Back soon!

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