Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas, everybody!

Hi folks. We've had a lovely Christmas Day - yesterday morning Charlie took some beautiful Christmassy flowers to the cemetery for Grandpa, then we picked Nanny up and went to see Father Christmas before going to the carol service at Gloucester Cathedral.
It was so festive - there are still a good few inches of snow on the ground - I think this is the first proper snowy Christmas I've ever known.
Charlie had so much fun making all the preparations for Santa's arrival (he left him some of the star-shaped snowflake shortcake we made 'because he probably gets fed up of all those mince pies' and a mug of Horlicks 'because it's a bit cold for milk, and even if the Horlicks goes cold, Father Christmas can warm it up with his magic!')
Chas went to sleep with no trouble last night (wonder of wonders!) and woke up about 6.20am, which I didn't think was too bad - especially because he stayed in bed until 6.45am and then came and snuggled in our bed until 7am, because he didn't want to open his stocking (or should I say his sack!!) until Nanny woke up and could share it with him.
We had a lovely leisurely day - lots and lots (and lots) of present opening, a trip to the snowy churchyard to take some flowers to Will, visits from neighbours, phonecalls from family and friends and then a lovely lunch.
Chas and Pete spent a happy couple of hours building Harry Potter Lego (Charlie just about hit the roof when he realised we'd bought him the Hogwarts Castle!) and then we all played some silly games. (I don't think we've laughed so much in years - Mum and I were in hysterics!)
And then, after the Dr Who Christmas Special, Chas introduced Nanny to the joys of the Wii and we all had a fab time playing Wii Party. Let's just say we've all got a fiercely competitive streak!
Nanny's just reading Charlie his bedtime story and then he'll be heading off to the land of nod!
We've got another fab day ahead tomorrow - we're taking Mum back home tomorrow morning and then helping her get organised for a bit of a family gathering in the afternoon - my brothers and sister will all be coming with their families, and Chas is really looking forward to some fun with his cousins.
It really has been a nice Christmas - so different from last year, when we were still reeling from the loss of Dad, and were swamped with terror at the prospect of Charlie's looming Fontan.
I must admit, I still miss my dad fiercely. It still doesn't feel real and I still can't believe I won't see him again this side of Heaven.
But this Christmas we've talked about him so much, laughed about his funny little quirks and remembered all the things that made him so very precious, and such a lovely, lovely man.
It still hurts so very much that he's not here, but it feels good - and right - to be able to remember Dad with a laugh and a smile.

So, from us to you - we hope you all have a wonderful, happy and peaceful Christmas.

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