Monday, December 06, 2010

Little Donkey!

Pete and I went to Charlie's school play this afternoon, and it was fab!
So much hard work goes into putting these plays together, and it was especially difficult this year because 14 children in Charlie's year were off sick today (and the kids in Charlie's year were the ones with all the lines.)
They all did so well though and Charlie was really pleased that everyone laughed at his funny lines again!
He really enjoyed being up on the stage... he's a show-off, just like his mum!
We were so proud to see him dancing, singing and saying his lines so brilliantly - you'd never believe everything that's happened to him this year!
It was hard to take pictures because we were right at the back (the show didn't start until 1.30pm, and we thought we were a bit early when we arrived at 1.05pm, but it turns out that some parents started queueing at 12.15pm! That was a bit early for my liking - especially in temperatures well below zero!) but here are a couple of my wonderful boy in his donkey costume!

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