Saturday, January 01, 2011

January 1, 2011

Hi folks.
Hope you've all had a lovely New Year's Day.
We had a great time last night - it felt like a very grown-up New Year's Eve... we spent it playing Wii Party (are you picking up a theme in my recent posts? I think we're all addicted!!) and eating sweets (I'm definitely addicted!) and playing the new Scrabble game my brother and his wife gave us for Christmas.
I've always been a huge Scrabble fan because words are really my thing.
But this new version - Scrabble Trickster - is loads of fun, and the 'Trickster' bit of it means that Pete and Charlie will play it with me because they stand half a chance of winning! (Yes, I'm one of those sad people who knows all the funny two-letter words, and all the words beginning with Q that don't need a U!)
Anyway, we had loads of fun, and Chas was very proud of himself because he stayed up until about 11o'clock - his latest night ever! Fortunately, he slept until about 8.35 this morning, so hasn't actually lost that much sleep.
(He's in bed now - I thought he'd have been really tired but he's listening to Harry Potter on CD and quietly singing the Doctor Who music to himself. And who says men can't multitask!)
We haven't got much planned for the next couple of days - just much of the same, I think! It's nice to have a bit of time just to chill as a family after all the mayhem in the run-up to Christmas.
Oh - one other thing, we had the letter from the hospital after Charlie's pacing check... and everything is definitely looking fabulous! The doctor told us as much at the appointment, but it's always good to have it in writing!
Back soon - enjoy the rest of New Year's Day!

PS I've put a 'Search' feature in the left-hand sidebar, so if you're looking for something specific in all my mindless ramblings, you just need to type it in and hit search, and it'll hunt through the blog to find all the instances of that word. I thought it might come in handy as I've never got around to putting tags on my posts!

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