Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

What a busy few days!
Pete took yesterday and today off work and we have been blitzing the house.
We have so much stuff that we don't use or need any more so we decided a New Year clearout was in order.
We've done all of upstairs now (apart from Charlie's bedroom because I need to check which clothes he has grown out of before I send them to the charity shop. Plus he needs to sort through his toys and decide which he wants to give away and which he would like to sell on eBay. He's also got a pile of stuff he wants to donate to the heart ward at our local hospital.
So it's mayhem round here - ten binbags taken to the tip already, fifteen binbags ready for the British Heart Foundation shop to collect, and a mountain of books gone to a new home with our next-door neighbour!
And we haven't started on the downstairs yet!
Under-the-stairs cupboard, here I come!!!

PS Don't mention the loft - that's going to be a WHOLE different project. I think we might need to hire a skip. :-)

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