Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

I can't believe January has gone already. Time is flying by, but spring can't come quick enough for me.
There's something I really don't like about February - it's always so grey and cold (and usually wet) and everyone has runny noses.
Roll on March!
I'm just hugging the radiator before I carry on with the housework - the bedding has just finished in the washing machine, so I need to get it in the dryer, then list a load of stuff on eBay, then take a load more stuff to the tip, and then sort out the odds and ends that have appeared on the bed in the spare room during our tidying-fest.
(Mum's staying on Friday because Charlie's taking her to school for 'Bring your Nanny to School Day' so I really need to make a path so she can reach the bed!!)
And then, I need to write a piece for Little Hearts Matter, so I need to get my writing head on, not my blogging head.
Oh, and I need to sort out a new mortgage, take the car to the garage, pay a few bills AND redo Charlie's passport form because they didn't like the ink I wrote in last time. (Apparently 'black ink' means 'black biro' NOT 'black roller ball'. Sigh.)
Talking of Charlie Barley - he's on good form, and is off to youth club tonight. He's not much looking forward to his double INR test tomorrow though - it's been a month since his last test, so we're hoping his INR hasn't dropped through the floor again, as it always seems to do, just when we've worked our way up to a nice long gap between tests. Anything above 2.0 but less than 2.7 will do nicely!

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