Monday, February 14, 2011

A bit better...

Chas has stayed in his pyjamas all day, and has been a bit up and down, but seems to be improving.
He's eaten reasonably well, bearing in mind how sore his throat is, and although he looks pale and tired, he's been pretty happy all day, so long as we've stayed on top of his painkillers. (He was particularly happy this afternoon when his friend Fiona popped round after school to deliver his valentine card! Young love, eh!)
I spoke to the cardiac liaison nurse this morning, and she thought today's high INR was purely because he's unwell - the INR-raising effects of the antibiotics will only kick in after a couple of days.
So Charlie will definitely be off school tomorrow and Wednesday (which I think he would be anyway because of his throat) but I have to re-test his blood on Thursday morning to see how high his INR is. If his INR remains high (4.5 or above) he will have to stay off school, regardless of whether his throat is better or not.
The whole prospect of warfarin really worried me before his Fontan, but it's amazing how quickly he (and I) have got to grips with it all.
He's chilling out on the sofa in his fluffy dressing gown, playing Angry Birds on Pete's iPad, and he'll be going to bed in a few minutes (fully topped up with Calpol!)
I really hope he can have a better night's sleep tonight - my dad always used to say that a bit of food and some sleep were the best cures for most things, and I think he was right. That and a good whack of penicillin should do the trick!

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