Friday, February 04, 2011

February 4, 2011

It's been a nice day today.
After I dropped Charlie at school this morning I went to pick Mum up from the station in Cardiff, and we had a wander round the shops and a spot of lunch in John Lewis.
We came home in time for me to drop her off at Charlie's school for Grandparents' afternoon.
He was so excited that Nanny was coming, and thoroughly enjoyed showing her all round his classroom. The class sang the Gruffalo song to the grandparents and Chas was very impressed that Nanny knew it too! (She doesn't have nine grandchildren for nothing, you know!)
He also showed off his work books and they all had a story before hometime.
Charlie has so enjoyed having Nanny here this evening and is even more excited at the prospect of gatecrashing her bedroom tomorrow morning (hopefully not TOO early!) for stories and cuddles.
I think we're planning a leisurely morning tomorrow before we take Nanny home - Chas is hoping to take her for a wander round the garden centre to buy a few new fish for his tank, as we're down to one solitary zebra fish, who's looking pretty lonely!
Have a nice weekend, folks!

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