Friday, March 18, 2011

Harry Potter... again!

It's Comic Relief today, and Charlie had to go to school in fancy dress - so his trusty Harry Potter costume was dragged into service again. You can't see it very clearly on the photo, but he even had a felt-tip scar on his forehead!
He's still very keen on Harry Potter, so he was delighted to go to school in his Gryffindor robes, complete with glasses and wand!
I know I've been very slack at updating the blog of late - I guess it's a case of blogger's block. Suffice to say, all is well and Charlie is full of the joys of spring.
I'll try to be a bit less useless and write a proper post soon. I think the problem with this iPhone is that the little keyboard isn't really conducive to writing long posts, so I really must make the effort to actually turn the computer on!

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