Thursday, March 03, 2011

Outpatient appointment...

We heard from the hospital here in Cardiff today - Charlie will go for his next cardiac outpatient appointment on April 4 - about 10 months since his last one! (Not counting the pacemaker and INR clinics in between!)
I am a bit worried about it - last time we went, there was a huge panic because the consultant thought Charlie might have atrial tachycardia - which it turned out he didn't, and his heart rate was perfectly normal - but it was very stressful nonetheless.
I always thought I wouldn't be worried about his appointments post-op, but I think they're even worse.
At least pre-op, if he started having problems they could just do his Fontan.
But now, if there's a problem...
I just hope his sats and heart rate are where they want them to be, and that maternal instincts - that he's doing fine - are correct.
Obviously I'll keep you all posted!

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