Monday, May 16, 2011

We're still alive!!

Hi everybody - yes, I know you thought we'd all disappeared off the planet, but we haven't!
We've had a manic month - including the Easter holidays, a week in Crete (which I'll post about properly later) and Charlie's had an ear infection (from the water in the pool on aforementioned Cretan holiday!), plus Thomas, Charlie's little heart friend has just had his Fontan (his blog is in the sidebar) and I've been on email update duty, letting everyone know how he's getting on.
And I've had to do another version of the speech I gave last November, so all in all, we've hardly had time to catch our breath.
But we're home now, and things are starting to settle down (for the time being at least!) so I'll make a concerted effort to actually switch the computer on soon and write a proper update.
Just to warn you in advance, I'm guessing it'll be LOOOOONG!!
Here's a pic of our cheeky Charlie on the beach in Crete... just to tide you over!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, so glad you blogged. I was starting to think my ipod wasn't loading up your site (which has happened before)so I have come on the 'proper' computer to check! Glad you are all well and keeping busy.