Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Hi folks.
Life continues to be busy round here, but that's the way we like it.
Charlie is off school tomorrow because of the teachers being on strike. He's pretty pleased about this and is already planning all the things he wants to do with his unexpected day off.
He and his class are practising their end-of-term presentation non-stop - and I'm thrilled to report that he doesn't need a fancy costume!! He just has to wear jeans and a shirt! Hurrah!
He's also got to sing a line or two solo at the start of one of the songs, which should be fun... if I can avoid crying my eyes out and embarrassing myself! I know all parents are proud of their kids, but Charlie has overcome so many obstacles in his life so far, that I always feel like I'm going to burst with pride when I see him up there, alongside all the other kids.
I have to go up to school next week to discuss Charlie's transition into the Juniors.
Traditionally, once the kids move into Year 3 they are expected to become much more independent and responsible for themselves, but obviously there are still quite a few issues which will mean they will need to keep an eye on Charlie.
His pacemaker and warfarin treatment are the main issues - there are a number of things that he mustn't do, such as contact sports or working closely with magnets. Also, he still needs to be watched carefully if he cuts himself, or if he gets bumped.
As he progresses through the school, there is a growing emphasis on sports, but he will never be able to take part in rugby or football matches, or play cricket... but we don't want him to be left out or stuck on the sidelines.
We want him to join in with everything he possibly can, without putting himself at risk.
So Charlie's teacher and the headmistress are keen to put a plan in place so everybody knows what Charlie can/can't do, and so they can make sure he is able to join in with his friends, without putting himself at risk.
It's quite daunting in one way - knowing that Chas is starting a whole new phase in his life, but at the same time, it gives us such pleasure to see our son - who, before his birth was only given a 50 percent chance of making it to age five - growing so strong and so confident, and starting to forge his own path through the world.
I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of June - another month has shot by. It'll be the school holidays before we know it.
We have a lot of fun things planned - so roll on summer!

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