Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Charlie's INR is back within range this morning (only just!) at 2.9.
He's very pleased because this means we don't need to test him again for a week.
It's strange - has anyone else experienced that phenomenon when your kids have been well for ages, but as soon as you allow yourself the conscious thought: "Oh, it's been ages since he was last poorly..." you can guarantee they'll come down with something the very next day.
It works with spouses too - on Sunday night Pete and I saw something on the TV about the number of sick days that people in the UK take every year (35 million, if you are interested!!) and I said: "Well, none of those 35 million are anything to do with you... you're never ill."
And what do you know - the very next morning Pete was ill for the first time in years!! (Admittedly, he didn't call in sick, but he should have done!)
So, a word of warning - don't even think it, let alone say it out loud! :-)

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