Monday, August 08, 2011

Ignore my last post...

Pete hasn't been well all day - feverish with hot and cold sweats and feeling sick.
He's been working anyway because he's got deadlines and a couple of his staff are off so there's no-one to cover him, but I think he really should have been in bed all day today.
He's never ill. He's only had a couple of days off sick in the 14 years I've known him - and they were because he fell out of bed, knocked himself out and ended up in hospital with a bad concussion.
So it always catches us on the hop when he IS ill.
Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Charlie had seemed much better today - he and I went to the dentist this morning and he's been eating fine and playing all day.
But at teatime he suddenly started looking a bit pale and complaining of a headache. He'd just finished his tea when he had to make a dash to the bathroom to be sick. :-(
(Although I am counting my blessings that he made it to the toilet and didn't throw up all over the carpet again. You know how I feel about the combination of vomit and carpet...)
His nose has also started streaming and he's feeling a bit warm too.
I had thought that maybe Charlie's food poisoning was in fact a virus that Pete caught off him, but now it seems more likely that Chas did have food poisoning after all, and that Pete has had a different bug which he's now passed on to Charlie.
Both are now in bed, dosed up with paracetamol, so it's just me and the TV tonight. I'm fervently hoping that I don't get this bug too.
Am also feeling a bit sad because it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and Chas and I were planning to go over in the morning and take her presents with us, but I don't think that would be very wise - even if Charlie seems better and if I haven't started puking, I really don't want to risk passing it on to her.
That wouldn't be a good birthday present.
I guess we'll have to resort to Skype and pop over later in the week.

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