Monday, October 17, 2011

A week ago today...

...we were meeting our little Rosie for the first time.
I can't believe how quickly this first week has flown by.
It has been a blissful, golden time and we have treasured every minute... hence my disgraceful lack of blogging.
I promise I'll write a proper post very soon with all the details from before and after Rosie's birth - it will probably be on my Charlie Barley's Baby blog, rather than here - but I'll put a link on here as well once it's written.
But here's a couple of photos just to tide you over!
Rosie is a very good baby - she feeds and sleeps brilliantly and rarely cries. She's very alert when she's awake and already loves to watch Charlie playing and listen to him singing to her.
Talking of Charlie - he has been a total superstar.
He has been so good and we are so very proud of him - he has happily shared his baby sister with all our visitors, fetched and carried numerous nappies, muslin squares and clean vests, and has taken this massive change to his life and routine completely in his stride.
He is dotty about his little 'Rosie-Posy' and has been cuddling her non-stop.
I'd just like to say an enormous thank you to everybody for all the thoughts, prayers, cards, emails, text messages, phone calls and comments on the blogs and Facebook, as well as all the beautiful gifts for Rosie (and Charlie!)
We have been overwhelmed by the love and support we have been given, and are so very grateful.
I'll be back soon with a slideshow of pics when I get a chance!

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