Sunday, October 09, 2011

Weird and Wonderful!

Just in case you were wondering, we're still here!
I just wanted to show you the poster that Charlie wore taped to his shirt for 'Weird and Wonderful' day at school last week.
He decided all by himself that he wanted to go dressed as a heart (which equals a red shirt and blue jeans in his book...) and asked me to make him a sandwich board to wear.
He was very specific - it needed a big picture of a heart with HLHS and the words that you can see underneath.
Everyone at school thought it was a great idea - and I was hopelessly proud of him, and the amazing attitude he has to his heart.
As far as Charlie is concerned, he doesn't have a 'bad', 'poorly', 'broken', 'imperfect' or 'abnormal' heart. (And believe it or not, every single one of those descriptions has been thrown at him in the past.)
Charlie is very proud of his special heart - yes, it may be a little weird and out of the ordinary, but is most definitely special and wonderful - just like him.
PS Watch this space for some interesting news tomorrow...


Jenny said...

Charlie, you are awesome!! I love his attitude about his special heart too. :) Is the big news going to be.... baby news!?!? :)

River Girl said...

Ali, Charlie's attitude is wonderful and not the slightest bit weird. It's the product of the pragmatic and, yes, clever approach you and Pete have taken to guiding him through his formative years. I'm not surprised you're proud and it's a very touching story.