Tuesday, November 08, 2011

November 8, 2011

Well, life is feeling almost 'normal' here now... as normal as it ever did, anyway!
The house is (relatively) tidy, the washing is up together, tea is in the oven and the children are doing their own things at either end of the living room.
(Can I just say at this point, that you have NO idea how much pleasure it gives me to say 'the children' or 'the kids'. It's something I've never been able to say before because I've never had more than one of my children here with me at the same time, so please forgive me if that phrase turns up rather too frequently in my blog - it's like when you've just got married, and you feel compelled to say 'my husband' as often as is humanly possible!)
Sorry, I digress...
As you can see, Rosie is sleeping happily in her chair, and Charlie is Lego-ing at the dining table... and I am sitting on the sofa, just enjoying the moment, with another cup of coffee! (How I have survived since January without coffee, I do not know...)
Charlie had a great day at school today - he loves Tuesdays because it's the day he has computers with Mr Adams, who's one of his favourite teachers. He's been making movies lately and today he was adding the soundtrack.
He also started learning the songs for his upcoming Christmas carol concert. (Apparently they aren't doing plays as such this year - they're doing a concert instead. Although I do love watching him in his plays, I'm secretly quite pleased that I won't have to rustle up an obscure festive costume this year!)
After all - it's only 47 sleeps 'til Christmas! :-)

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