Saturday, December 03, 2011

December 3, 2011

Well, we've had a lovely day today! We drove up to Tamworth this morning and met Charlie's heart friend Thomas with his parents and little brother.
We had time for a nice lunch before heading off to the snowdome.
Rosie was snug in her sling (which also gave me exemption from snowball fights!!) and she loved looking at all of the twinkly lights while the boys had a fabulous time sledging and chucking handfuls of snow at each other!
They enjoyed the Rainbow show and visiting the animals - there were some lovely reindeer just like Santa's!
We're on our way home now - Rosie is snoozing in her carseat and Chas is playing with the iPad, so peace reigns!
We've got another fun day planned for tomorrow - we love the countdown to Christmas!
I'm attaching a pic of wide-eyed, pink-nosed and rosy-cheeked Rosie looking at all the lights. I would put a picture of Charlie and Thomas too, but they wouldn't stop the snowball fights long enough for me to take one that wasn't blurred!

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