Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

Hi folks. Hope you all had a great Christmas - apologies for the blogging hiatus but Rosie has been poorly. We ended up taking her to the out of hours GP on Boxing Day because she really wasn't very well. :-( She started in with a nasty snotty cough last Thursday afternoon and just got worse and worse.
She was still pretty happy in herself most of the time and was feeding ok but she was so full of phlegm in her nose and throat that she kept coughing herself sick and was finding it hard to catch her breath when she was having a coughing fit.
I'm very used to monitoring coughs with Charlie and I was pretty certain it was just a viral, upper respiratory thing rather than a chest infection, but having toughed it out through Christmas Day, we thought we'd better make a 'just-in-case' visit to the doctor the next morning.
Anyway, I was right, and we'd been doing all the right things - elevating the head of her cot, running a humidifier at night, putting Snuffle Babe on her vest and giving her Calpol throughout the day. So it was just a case of waiting for her to get better in her own time.
She seemed to turn a corner yesterday though and has been coughing much less. She looks more like herself and is back to chuckling and grinning as much as normal.
She's still been sleeping all night - with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when she coughed herself awake at 3am - she really is such a good girl. I still can't believe she routinely sleeps ten hours a night!
In spite of everything though, we had a great Christmas - Charlie had a ball and both kids were thoroughly spoilt!
I want to write a proper post later about everything we got up to, but I need to download a few pictures first. I just thought I'd post quickly now so you didn't think we'd drowned in a sea of turkey, mince pies and wrapping paper!

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