Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Life feels very busy at the moment but I don't seem to be achieving very much.
I think it's probably because I have to run around like a nutter trying to get everything done while Rosie is sleeping (which isn't very often AT ALL during the day - a grand total of no more than an hour today, in three separate slots... but she slept 10.5 hours again last night so I can't complain!!)

Charlie is on top form. School is going well and he's really enjoying this term's topic (the Tudors).
He is getting so tall and grown up - he's wearing adult-sized shoes now and when he holds my hand, his once-tiny hand doesn't feel much smaller than mine. I noticed this morning that his school trousers are too short all of a sudden...
Such mixed feelings - it is wonderful to watch him thrive and grow, but there's not too much of my baby boy left any more.
He wiggled out another of his baby teeth today - the one next to his right front tooth. Unfortunately he STILL hasn't wiggled out his left front tooth, although the adult tooth is almost totally through in front of it. It is very loose though so I'm nagging him to wiggle it out because we have an appointment with the dentist next month and I'd rather she didn't have to pull it out. Charlie has no issues with going to the dentist and I REALLY don't want anything to change that.

It's my brother-in-law's birthday today (Happy Birthday Tim!) and my sister texted to say that I'd bought him exactly the same birthday card as she had. (And no, it didn't have 'To my darling husband' on the front!!)
There must be millions of generic birthday cards out there, so the odds of us buying identical cards must be massive! I guess we must have the same sense of humour if the same funny card tickled us both!

We've been sorting out our holidays for the coming year - instead of going on one long holiday, we're going on three short breaks, in April, July and November. It should be fun - although holidaying with all four of us in one hotel room should be a whole new experience! :-)

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Ann Fisher said...

Gorgeous photo, and they look really alike to me :)