Monday, February 06, 2012

Bullet-Point Post

Hi folks. I've left it too long between posts, so here's a quick bullet-point update to catch up. I'll do a proper post with some pics ASAP.

1. It's been cold. We even had a sprinkling of snow on Saturday (which lasted all of two hours before turning into rainy slush.) Rosie slept through it all.

2. Charlie FINALLY pulled out his loose front tooth today. Yippee! It's been wobbly since last September and the adult tooth grew in on top of it, so he's had three front teeth for TOO long! I'm very pleased to see the back of it - although it did bleed like stink when he yanked it out. (The joys of warfarin!!)

3. Water leaked through our lounge ceiling this morning. (Trust me, it is NOT a good start to a Monday.) Not sure if the seal has broken around the bath or if a pipe is leaking. Hopefully the former because I know how to remedy that.

4. One of the light fittings in the kitchen has stopped working. No clue why, nor how to fix it.

5. I'm missing my Dad terribly.
Not just because of his DIY prowess, obviously (although, without doubt, my house is in a considerably tattier state these days...) but every time something breaks, I know that he'd have been in his car in a flash to help me fix it. And every single time I have to face up to the fact that he isn't there to help me, it feels like a punch to the gut. It never, ever gets any easier.
I'm so glad I had the chance to tell him how much we appreciated all his help.
I just wish I'd asked him to teach me a bit more about plumbing.

6. Rosie is still growing like mad and is wearing loads of her 3-6mth clothes now. It's so much fun putting her in all the lovely things she was sent when she was born! The cold weather means I've been able to break out all her lovely jumpers and cardis too!

7. We're hoping to convert our garage soon into a room for Pete to work in. He's home-based 99% of the time now so it will be nice for him to have a proper 'office'. Plus, Rosie will be moving into what was our guest room soon, so we'll need to use the fourth bedroom for Mum when she comes to stay. (Charlie has offered her the use of his bed, but I'm not sure she'd be too keen on the ladder!!)
We've found a brilliant builder to do the work, but first we have to battle our way through the planning application... Watch this space!

8. Charlie is off to the school disco tomorrow night. He's got two more birthday parties this weekend and an invite to a third has just pinged onto my phone as I'm writing. I'm also trying to sort some swimming lessons for him, now he's able to get in a pool without turning blue! He really has the best social life of all of us.

9. Rosie turns four months this week. I almost don't want to say it - it's going so fast. Where are the months going? (I know I've said this every month so far. Get used to it - I'm sure I'll keep saying it!)

10. That's about it for now. I know this one didn't really merit a bullet-point, but 10 seems like a nice round number to finish on. :-)

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