Friday, February 24, 2012


I think Charlie has caught tonsillitis. :-(
He's got a sore, manky throat, sore ears, a bit of a temperature and a headache.
I've managed to get him an appointment with the doctor this afternoon (I'm thinking it'll probably be an antibiotic job) but we're supposed to have his cardiology appointment and double INR check on Monday. I don't know how long tonsillitis is contagious, but it doesn't seem very wise to throw a poorly Charlie into a room full of heart kids...
The garage is looking fab - the window should be here today, and the interior floor and ceiling is done, along with half the internal walls. The framework for the big storage cupboard is in too. It's going to be fantastic!! Plus, the electrician came yesterday to put all the wires in ready, and when he comes back next week, he's going to do the few other electrical jobs around the house for me! I'm so excited to have a working porch light again! (I know - sad, aren't I.)
I'll let you know how Chas gets on.

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