Saturday, March 10, 2012

Five Months

Our baby girl is FIVE MONTHS old today.
Wow. That is just crazy.
So what is Rosie-Posy up to these days?
I don't know how heavy she is now because I haven't had her weighed this month, but she's definitely growing like mad!
She's wearing a size 3 Active Fit nappy now (rather than the Newborn ones) and 3-6 month clothes are fitting well, although she's pretty long, so I think she'll be out of her 3-6 month babygros before too long. I also had to buy some new socks for her this week because I suddenly realised her others were a bit snug.
I'm not sure how much longer she'll fit in her crib - hopefully it'll last another month until she can move into her cotbed in her own room.
She's still sleeping brilliantly at night and usually goes right through from about 7.30-8pm to somewhere between 6.30-7.30am.
The past couple of nights she's woken up once in the early hours, but I think it might be because she's teething. Her cheeks are very red (she's a rosy Rosie!!) and she is still drooling and chewing like mad. There's something white visible under her gums, but those troublesome teeth can take a while to pop through.
She is VERY chatty - verbalising lots and lots. We've had a lot of 'dadadada' this week and she's constantly trying out her various squeals and bellows, along with lots of raspberry-blowing.
She's started putting her arms up when I go to pick her up, and will also give open-mouthed, dribbly kisses if we ask for a kiss and make a 'mmmmmmwah' sound! She'll also hug her bunny and her Tigger if we tell her to give them a cuddle and say 'aaaaah'. Very cute! :-)
She definitely knows her own name now - she'll turn straight to look at us straight away if we call 'Rosie' or 'Rose'. (Or Queen Rosie-Posy-Primrose, as Charlie likes to call her!)
She's also sussed out who's who in the family - if we ask her 'Where's Daddy/Mummy/Charlie/Nanny', she'll look round until she spots the right person!
Food is going well - she seems to have missed the memo about starting solids a tiny bit at a time, and is powering through anything she can get her gums on. Firm favourites are bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, baby yoghurt, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato. She's loving butternut squash mixed with carrot, apple and prunes - sounds horrid, I know, but it's actually quite tasty!
The only things she hasn't really liked so far are mango, and the combo of spinach mixed with broccoli and parsnip.
She's also doing pretty well with a sippy cup. I'm feeding her still, and while I have absolutely no intention of stopping any time soon, I want her to be able to drink water - as well as expressed milk in case I have to dash off in an emergency.
I don't see the point in getting her used to a bottle, only to have to switch her onto a sippy cup fairly soon. Charlie would never take a bottle at all, so he had a beaker early on too...
So Rosie has her little cup and is doing really well with it - she holds it herself and has a bit of water in it after she's had her solids. Though she thinks it's funny to dribble out some of it, she drinks quite a bit of it too.
She has really started playing with things now - reaching for and grabbing whatever takes her fancy, rattling them, banging them on the table, spinning them round and round. She also really likes sitting on Pete's knee and bashing his computer keyboard while he's trying to work.
Favourite toys this month are her teething rings, rattly bug, musical TV and crinkly books.
She has just started to sit up on her own for a few seconds - her balance is pretty good, and she can stand sturdily too, holding onto our hands for balance.
She's always happy boinging around in her door bouncer - one of the builders working on our garage christened her Zebedee, of Magic Roundabout fame, because she was bouncing around like a loon when he was walking past her!
She still seems to have very distinct - and somewhat eclectic - tastes in what music she likes - there are a couple of Alfie Boe tracks that stop her crying without fail, plus the Everything's Rosie theme tune, 'Our Last Summer' and 'Honey, Honey' from Mamma Mia.

She's a funny little pudding, our Rosie! But we love her more and more with every month that passes.

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Claire said...

Aw, lovely post, what a lovely baby girl! xxx