Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

Hi folks.
Ok. So I've been RUBBISH at blogging lately. It's been a really under-the-weatherish month - Charlie had tonsillitis, then Rosie and I ended up with horrible head colds (she's fine but mine has gone on and on and on...) and Charlie has been off school again this week with a really nasty tummy bug.
He's been ill since Saturday night - and you all know how much I hate scrubbing vomit out of soft furnishings... and it's even worse at four in the morning. I have yet to work out why kids ALWAYS start puking in the middle of the night.
Anyway, he's been feeling pretty dire and didn't eat anything at all for the first couple of days. He's definitely on the mend now though and I'm hopeful he might make it back to school on Friday.
Rosie is on top form - she's such a placid, contented little person. I forgot to say in her five-month post that she has recently decided she's a thumb-sucker! She's had her hands in her mouth a lot since birth, but never really coordinated getting her thumb in - until now! I was quite surprised because I thought if she was going to suck her thumb, she'd have started before now, but evidently not!
I know some people don't like their kids to suck their thumbs, but I don't have a problem with it - I sucked mine when I was little, although once I was out of babyhood, thumb-sucking was only allowed at bedtime and I stopped altogether when I was about nine, so that's what we'll do with Rose if she carries on sucking it as she gets bigger.
She had her picture taken today - a local studio offered us a free sitting and a free picture, so I took her along - I always like a freebie! I think it'll be a few weeks before we get the prints though.
It's my brother and sis-in-law's silver wedding anniversary today - 25 years! I think that's pretty impressive! (Although it makes me feel pretty ancient because I was only 12 when they got married, and now I'm... not 12 anymore!)
Our garage conversion is finished - the builders finished a few weeks ago, and Pete painted it all. Carpets went down last week and Pete moved his desk in! It still feels a bit unfinished because we need to get some blinds and unpack all the rest of Pete's stuff, but we're getting there! They made such a good job of it and we're thrilled to bits with it. I'll post some pics when it's all done and dusted!
I'm attaching a few pics of the kids over the past couple of weeks - the one of Chas on his own was taken after he went to his first ever football party. Isn't he wonderfully pink and rosy?!
He was so proud and so were we! He's really sensible (and consequently not a particularly brilliant footballer!) but he knows he mustn't get knocked on the pacemaker or bashed because of his warfarin, so he doesn't get involved in much tackling. The other kids are great though, and pass the ball to him so he can take his turn - it made me so happy to watch. Nobody pities him or feels sorry for him because of his heart - it's just part of him; the way he is and his friends know and accept it and, seemingly without even thinking about it, they tailor their games so he can join in.
Anyway, Pete's in London tomorrow so he'll be leaving at around 5am and not back until late so I'd better hit the hay!

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