Monday, April 30, 2012

Wow - FOUR posts in one day!!

I've finally got around to posting a slideshow of the pics from our holiday (next post down) but make sure you keep scrolling down a bit further, because I've also posted a little snippet of video of Rosie demonstrating her clapping skills!
All is good here - Charlie is on good form and has started his new topic at school - The Olympics.  He has to do a project on a British Olympian who is taking part in the 2012 games and has chosen Richard Kruse. No, I hadn't heard of him either...  Apparently he's a fencer.
So why has he chosen fencing? That was my question too.
Charlie looked at me like I was stupid - 'Because it's as close to sword fighting as you can get in the Olympics, Mum.'
Hmmmmm.  Last I heard, there wasn't a medal for gladiators....
Rosie is a little sweetie too.  She's still sleeping well in the day - it's amazing!  So much easier to get stuff done now I've got a couple of 90 minute slots every day!  I think she's benefiting from the extra sleep too - she's happy as a clam all the time(she's started scrunching her nose up when she smiles!) and is learning new things every day.  She's sitting up really well now, and is loving being able to play with her toys more easily.
She's enjoyed standing up since she was tiny (remember this when she was three months old?) but has always stood still or just bounced on the balls of her feet, but has just started taking little steps if we hold her hands.
I won't write any more for now - I need to save all this up for her seven-month post, which is coming up all too quickly.
Anyway, I'm off to bed - Pete's in London tomorrow and will be heading off at 5am, so I'd better hit the hay in case he wakes up the kids as he leaves.

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