Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Hi folks.
Well, it's been one of those weeks so far... and it's still only Monday!
We haven't stopped round here - the garage (or should I say Pete's office!) is finished, and we've had the downstairs loo re-fitted too over the past couple of weeks.
It looks fabulous - clean and white, with gorgeous iridescent teal blue tiles!
Anyway - we had the flooring fitted on Saturday, but we've noticed a big wrinkle in it, so the fitter is coming back to sort it later this week.
Pete has been painting like a madman for the past few weeks - the office, then the loo and now Rosie's room.
She's virtually outgrown her crib so will be moving into her cotbed in her own room later this week - we're just waiting for the smell of paint to dissipate.
There's still quite a lot to do - there's a bit more painting left in the downstairs loo, we need to buy/build a chest of drawers and some shelves for Rosie, and we need to sort out the room Mum stays in because it's become a bit of a dumping ground for all the stuff left over from the office and Rosie's room - she'd have to levitate her way to the bed at the moment!
I had to take my car into the garage today - there's an intermittent problem with the CD player - it keeps turning itself off and then on again whenever I brake - but unfortunately it decided to work the whole time the mechanics were looking at it, so they couldn't sort it out! But they replaced something in the turbo that Volkswagen had recalled AND washed and vacuumed it for me before I picked it up, so it wasn't a total waste of a journey - even though my music still stops every time I pull up at the lights!
Charlie has started going to drama club after school on a Tuesday, and so far he's loving it. He loves being on stage (he's such a show-off, just like his mum!) and he really enjoys the whole acting/singing thing.
He's been busily lining up a few more trips to the theatre - he's going to see Shrek in the West End with school, and he also fancies watching Phantom of the Opera, ever since he heard Alfie Boe singing Music of the Night!
All being well, he's hoping to do the Les Miserables 'Miz Kids' Club sometime over the summer as well - kids get to go to the theatre, tour the set and go backstage, meet some of the cast, see the costumes and do a bit of singing and improvisation before watching the matinee in the afternoon. Sounds like a lot of fun - shame I'm too old to go as well!
Pete's off to London at the crack of dawn tomorrow and won't be back until the kids are in bed, so it'll just be me and Rosie for most of the day - until we pick up our budding thespian!
On Wednesday it's the school book fair, followed by dental appointments for Charlie and me. I'll probably take Rose along too - it's never to early to get her used to the dentist looking at her teeth - even if she does only have two of them!
Anyway, I'm off to bed - I need to get some sleep - just in case Pete wakes Rosie as he leaves in the morning!

PS I'll try to get the slideshow of new pics online soon - I'm having problems with my PC though, so I can't upload them very easily at the moment. They're worth the wait though, I promise! :-)

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