Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eight-and-a-half (and a bit!)

I figured since I'm doing monthly posts on what Rosie's getting up to, it's about time I did an update on Charlie-Barley...
Having finally caught him sitting still for long enough to take a photo, complete with new haircut, it's actually rather scary to see just how grown up he's looking these days.
He's getting so tall and strong.

So, what's he been up to lately?

He's a bit of a history fiend these days (thanks in part to the Horrible Histories series on TV!) and has added history teacher to his possible list of careers (alongside actor, singer or Lego designer!)
He soaks up facts like a sponge and has really impressed me lately with all the historical info he knows. He even knows all the kings and queens of England in order.
He's a pretty avid reader - his only problem is deciding which book he wants to read. (He's actually got about five on the go at the end of his bed - two Horrible Histories, a Harry Potter, Mr Stink by David Walliams and an Artemis Fowl...)

He recently joined the drama club at school, which he absolutely loves, and was rather gutted that the school choirmaster has left so there isn't a choir for him to join at the moment.
There's a big festival around here next month though and they're doing a community choir for adults and kids, so he and I are planning to give that a whirl. He still loves listening to Les Mis and Alfie Boe, and is really looking forward to seeing him live again at Ponty's Big Weekend in July.

He's also been chosen to start flute lessons (in September) which he's very excited about. He could have done trumpet or clarinet, but opted for the flute.
The school rang me to see if he'd be able to manage a woodwind instrument, and we figured he'd probably be fine - I used to play the flute as a kid, and it doesn't need as much puff as a brass instrument.
I think the only time a problem might occur is if he really takes to the instrument and carries on up the grades, because you need a pretty big lung capacity to play some of the more complicated pieces.
But there are so many things he won't be able to do at school because of his warfarin/pacemaker - including many sports - that it seems a shame to stop him having a bash at the flute on the vague off-chance that he's still playing it in ten years and hasn't got enough puff for the hemi-demi-semi-quavers in Pachelbel's Canon. :-)

He still enjoys playing on the Wii and DS, but would usually rather be playing a board game, bouncing on his spacehopper in the garden, or building a pirate ship in the lounge from a couple of dining chairs and a blanket!

He's discovered 'DrawSomething' on Pete's iPad and has been playing it a lot with Nanny. He enjoys being able to send her little messages along with his drawings, and trying to guess what she has drawn.

He remains dotty about his baby sister - and the feeling is totally mutual. Rosie lights up when he's anywhere near and they already have so much fun playing together. I'm hoping the gap is big enough that they won't ever really get on each other's nerves - there's a big gap between me and my brothers and I always thought they were SO cool and wanted to be just like them.

He really is growing up - he's such good company. He's always had a pretty wise head on his shoulders, but half the time these days it's like I'm chatting to another adult. (It's quite nice when he decides he wants to sit on my knee for a hug every once in a while!)

He's growing more and more independent by the day - I'm trying to enjoy him as a little boy, because I know it won't be long before he really starts taking flight on his own.

This past year has rocketed by, so at this rate he'll be off to Uni (or maybe RADA!!!) before I know it.

We're so very proud of our Charlie-Boy.

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