Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look who's SEVEN months!

(Before I start, I should point out that Rosie wasn't seven months in this picture - it's one of a big batch we had taken a few weeks ago, but I only picked them up this week.  They are absolutely gorgeous - I'll put a few together into a slideshow once I can get them uploaded and resized.  I'm thinking I might have a perfect picture to replace the one at the top of the blog, so keep watching this space!  I would have taken a picture of Rosie today to go with this post, but she's got a stinking cold and a runny nose and isn't looking very photogenic!!)

So, my girl is seven whole months today.  I can't really work out where the time has gone.  A few days ago I was looking at the pictures from the day she was born, and it really only seems like a brief moment since she was placed in my arms for the first time.

So - what is our little Rosie-Posy up to at seven months?

She's into size 4 nappies now, but is still in age 3-6 month clothes - although the vests and babygros are getting a bit short in the body.  Trousers are starting to get a bit short and a lot of her sleeves suddenly seem to be heading towards her elbows!  I think we will definitely have to start moving into 6-9 month stuff soon.  I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's definitely getting heavier to carry about and pick up, and she is very long.  Her hair is growing in quite a bit too now, and is still looking to be a lightish brown.

She is still sleeping really well - both day and night.  She normally sleeps about 11 hours straight at night, although her teeth have woken her up a few nights lately (still only once though, so I can't complain!)  We have nailed daytime naps now - she sleeps from around 10.30am until noon, and then goes back to bed between 2.30-3.30pm (depending on whether she needs to come with me when I pick Charlie up from school) and sleeps for another 60-90minutes.  Bedtime is between 7.30 and 8pm.

She still has just the two teeth, but is still dribbling and chewing all the time, and her gums are pretty swollen, so I think she'll be getting more before too long. She loves her toothbrush and minty toothpaste and likes to 'help' with cleaning her teeth!

Food remains one of her favourite things - I'm enjoying giving her a bit of everything to try, and have yet to find anything she really dislikes.  I don't remember giving Charlie finger foods until he was quite a bit older, but she loves fingers of toast, Cheerios, baby biscuits and baby crisps.  She had a great time chomping on a piece of garlic bread the other day, and doesn't seem to mind strong flavours at all.  She has been eating mostly stage two foods for the past couple of weeks, which are a bit lumpier.  One of her favourites has been homemade salmon with veg and potatoes.  She has mostly fruit for pudding, but seems to get on pretty well with yoghurt, custard and rice pudding too.

She's sitting up well now - only keeling over occasionally if she's concentrating hard on a toy, or trying to reach something.  She rolls all around the floor and is trying her hardest to crawl - she'll push herself forwards if she can get her feet onto something, but needs to coordinate her knees and hands in order to crawl properly.

She still likes music, and is enjoying various clapping songs and rhymes. Charlie is trying to teach her to wave, but so far she's just high-fiveing and clapping her hands.

She's at her happiest when she's on her feet - either standing at the sofa, holding our hands or in her door bouncer.

As far as favourite toys are concerned - this month it's still her rattly bug and her chewy teething ring.  She's really starting to like looking at books too - especially ones with flaps, sounds and different textures.  Anything with buttons is good too - it's strange though - she's got a few toys with buttons and lights - a toy phone, a toy radio etc, but she'll always go for the TV remote, my iPhone or Pete's Blackberry given half a chance. She and Charlie were having a tug of war with the cable from the Wii nunchuk the other day too.

She's starting to play well by herself too - if I put her on the floor with a few toys, she'll quite happily chatter to herself and play with her toys on her own for a bit while I load the dishwasher or do the washing.  Equally, she'll play quietly in her bed after she wakes up - she has a musical kangaroo in bed with her, and several times now I've heard her chattering away and then heard the music playing, so she's obviously sussed out how to pull the cord.

Peepo and Pat-a-Cake are big favourites, along with all the old favourite 'bouncing on the knee' games - I love playing the ones with her that my Dad used to do with Charlie - 'A little ship was on the sea' and 'This is the way the baby rides' - and they make her giggle without fail!

Hmmmm - I think that's about it for now - if I think of anything I've forgotten, I'll add it in later!  Happy seven months to our little Rose - at this rate it won't be long before I have to start thinking about her birthday cake!

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