Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The sun has got his hat on...

We've been loving this sunny, hot weather! It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but let's hope the weathermen are wrong!
Charlie has been space-hoppering round and round the garden and thwacking the life out of his Swingball - he absolutely loves being outside. He's also been having loads of fun with his massive pump-action waterpistol, shooting it up into the air and 'accidentally' standing underneath the water as it falls back to earth!
Rosie also likes being in the fresh air -
she's almost outgrown her Bumbo seat but I trapped her in it so she would stay in one spot rather than rolling round the garden eating mud!
Charlie's new flute arrived today so he's had loads of fun setting up his music stand and staring hard at his music book while trying very hard to get a note out of it! He's getting the hang of how to blow it, so hopefully by September when his lessons start he might actually have mastered a couple of notes!
He's getting very excited about half term which starts next week as well as all the Jubilee celebration stuff. He has to go to school on Friday dressed as someone from the 1950s, so we figured we'd send him just as a 1950's schoolboy, so he's got long grey shorts knee-high grey socks, a white shirt, red tartan tie and a battered old leather satchel. I think we'll probably slick his hair back too - a proper little Brylcreem boy!
Pete's off work for the long weekend, and though we've got some stuff to do around the house, we're hoping to get out and about to have some fun too!

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Claire said...


Lovely to see them having fun in the sun! :-) Makes life so different. We're loving having the paddling pool up and the kids playing outdoors whenever they want.

Danny's school is being inspected the week after half term so they're keeping their Jubilee Party until the Friday after inspection.

They've a street party this weekend, so they won't miss out lol.

Danny will be dressed the same as Charlie lol.