Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welsh homework!

Charlie's homework this week was to make a boardgame in Welsh.
He decided to do a 'Snakes and Ladders' style game based around the woodland creatures the class have been studying.
He made up all the things that would happen when you land on a particular square... things like 'You get stuck in the mud - throw an even number to carry on'.
Then came the tricky bit - neither Pete nor I speak Welsh at all, and Charlie's knowledge is pretty limited too...

...Thank goodness for Charlie's Aunty Rhian who just happens to be a Welsh translator! :-)

She translated all his sentences into Welsh for him and Charlie's thrilled to bits with the end result - it's even fun to play!
(I'm just glad I'm not going to be in class with him to try to pronounce it all!)
Thanks Rhian - you're a lifesaver!!

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