Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday was NOT a good day.
Charlie and I woke up with a stomach bug and Pete was in London all day until late.
Charlie and I felt beyond awful - and you know my aversion to cleaning up vomit? It's even worse cleaning up vomit when you have to keep stopping to be sick yourself.
Rosie, bless her cotton socks, was as good as gold all day long. She sat and played by herself on the floor for most of the day while Chas and I languished on the sofa and she had two really long naps. (I did feel a bit guilty - as soon as she woke up, I was working out how long it would be before I could put her down for another sleep!)
Now we're just hoping that she doesn't come down with this bug too - it wouldn't be nice for someone her size.
Charlie managed to keep some toast down last night but I didn't eat anything all day so am feeling pretty wiped out today.
He had to have his INR checked yesterday and this morning and will have it done again tomorrow. It was 2.0 yesterday and 2.2 today so he seems reasonably stable in spite of everything.
He seems to be eating ok today with no ill-effects. He's desperately hoping that he's 100% by Thursday because he and Pete are supposed to be going to London to watch Shrek at the theatre.

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