Saturday, June 23, 2012

A few pictures...

Hi folks - there's not much news really, things are ticking along merrily here, although it feels more like October than June.
Charlie is on top form - he's off to London on Thursday to watch Shrek at the theatre and is really looking forward to it.
He's been writing a story (about Mario and Bowser...) on the computer the past couple of days, and he wants me to lay it out for him with pictures like a proper story. (I knew all my years in newspaper design would come in handy one day!!) I haven't got any new pics of him at the mo - he runs away when he sees the camera these days!
Rosie is doing well - the novelty of mushed up baby food seems to have worn off for her, and she wants 'proper' food all the time. She wolfed scrambled eggs and toast yesterday and had a cheese sandwich for tea tonight!
I had these pics on my phone which I've been meaning to put on the blog, so here they are, all at once.
The top one is my mum and my Aunty Ray with Rosie. Ray came down for the day from Wirral on Wednesday and Mum and I met her in Cardiff. It was lovely to see her - we'll be catching up again next month when we all go up to Liverpool for a few days.
The next pic is of Rosie in her buggy in her 'chilled out' position. If she's feeling ultra-relaxed, she'll put her other leg up on the other side too. Very dignified and modest, my daughter is!
The last two pics are cheeky little Rose - one with her normal smile, the other with her favourite gum-baring, teeth-flashing, nose-wrinkling, eye-scrunching cheesy grin! She flashes this one all the time and thinks she's so funny!
That's about it for now - have a good weekend everyone!

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