Monday, June 18, 2012

Pacemaker clinic

We just got back from pacing clinic and I'm pleased to report that all is looking fabulous.
I don't really understand all the electrophysiology terms, but suffice to say that Charlie's pacemaker is working well, and his battery life actually seems to be increasing with a minimum of 10 years battery life left before it needs replacing.
His INR machine calibration (necessitating two finger pricks) also went well - his INR is fine and he was very brave!
We go back to those two clinics in 6 months, and he has his normal cardiology clinic next month.
One day we might actually be able to coordinate all his appointments in the same day...
Anyway, Charlie is now safely back at school and Rosie and I are heading over to Nanny's.
It's Dad's birthday today, so we're popping up to the cemetery.

Happy Birthday Dad - you're missed more than words can say. xxx

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