Friday, July 27, 2012

A trip down Memory Lane...

It was a nice day yesterday.
We headed through the Mersey Tunnel to the Wirral to visit my aunt this morning.
Charlie had a great time taking her new puppy (a Tibetan Spaniel, if you're interested!) to the park for a walk.
Then we headed to the little town where I was born, and lived until I was seven.
We parked on our old road - a leafy avenue, lined with 1930s houses. It hadn't really changed much - the old pebbly paving slabs that I used to push my doll's pram down were exactly the same, and the fuchsia bush whose flower buds I used to 'pop' as a kid was still in the nextdoor-but-one house's garden.
And our house was still there - not quite so tidy as it used to be, and the old sunshine yellow front door is now blue - but the crazy-paved front drive that my dad made years before I was born is still there, looking as good as ever.
It really made me happy to see the painstakingly laid out slabs, all neatly arranged and cemented into place.
Dad wasn't a proud sort of man at all, but on the few occasions we went down our old road after we'd moved, he'd always look and say: 'My crazy paving's still there then!' before driving on with a little smile.
We had lunch in a cafe on the high street, and then took Charlie and Rosie to Mayer Park - the park I used to go to when I was small. The horse chestnut trees I collected conkers from were still there, and the old clock tower at the gate. I had a lovely time reminiscing!
Charlie had fun at the play park and Rosie had her first go in a proper swing... and really liked it!
Then we headed back through the Birkenhead Mersey Tunnel (the tunnel where they filmed Hagrid being chased by the Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...) and jumped on the ferry for a quick return trip over the Mersey.
You can't beat a bit of nostalgia!

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