Sunday, July 08, 2012

On the move...

Hi folks - sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week - we've been a bit under the weather. Pete, Rosie and I have all had snotty head colds and sore throats. Charlie seems to have escaped so far, thank goodness.
I'll write a proper post soon, but I just wanted to record Rosie's latest milestones - she started crawling properly yesterday - after a couple of months of crawling backwards, bunny-hopping and rolling around the floor, she's finally figured out how to move her hands and knees together and is loving being able to get around. (Each 'step' she makes with her hands is accompanied by a delighted little giggle!)
Within minutes of figuring out crawling, she also got the hang of pulling herself to a stand - and she thinks she's jolly clever!
I dug out Charlie's baby record book yesterday and they're pretty well on par with everything - which isn't bad going, bearing in mind that he'd had two lots of open-heart surgery by the time he was Rosie's age!
He was way ahead on the tooth front though - he had eight teeth by eight months, and Rosie's almost nine months and still has just the two!

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