Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another lovely day...

We left home early this morning to meet Charlie's heart friend Thomas, his mum Lindsey and little brother Sam at a farm park.
We went to the same place last year too - but that time Rosie was just a bump!
The boys had a fab time together (as always!) and Lindsey and I had a fab time putting the world to rights (as always!). She and I are really on the same wavelength so it's always lovely to catch up.
As last year though, the boys were FAR more interested in the massive pillow-style bouncy castle things and spent almost two hours just leaping around like mad things! (Rosie slept the whole time!)
They liked looking at the rabbits and guinea pigs and were particularly taken with a batch of tiny quails that had just hatched this morning.
One of Rosie's favourite books is a touch-and-feel one all about farm animals - so she was pretty excited to see a REAL pig and sheep up close!
Charlie's always really excited to catch up with Thomas, and it's so lovely to see their friendship developing as they grow up.

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