Thursday, September 06, 2012

Final day of the holidays...

I meant to post these pics before Charlie went back to school, but that was as far as I got!
The last day of the holidays was a lovely warm day, so we headed for a farm/adventure park by the river.
Charlie and Pete had a go in the rowing boats, and we had a great time doing a treasure hunt quiz all the way along the river bank.
Rosie really loved all the animals, although she wasn't quite so sure when a Shetland pony tried to nibble her toes! She pulled both her feet up as far as they would go and gave the poor creature a Paddington Bear-style hard stare!
The big trampolines were a huge hit with both kids - Charlie was leaping around, causing Rosie to bounce all over the place. She just laughed uproariously and really didn't want to get off!
(Do you like her cheesy grin? If I ask her to smile for the camera, this is what I get!)
We had such a lovely summer holiday - hard to believe it's already over and Charlie's back at school.
He's really enjoying Year Four so far, and he's got his first flute lesson tomorrow, which he's very excited about. He's looking forward to waltzing into class carrying his swanky new flute case! (Hopefully it won't take TOO long before he can actually get a note out of it!)

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