Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29, 2012

Hi folks. I've been a bit slack, blogwise lately. I don't know why really - perhaps because there's nothing really major been happening. We've just been ticking along merrily.
I can hardly believe it's almost October - this time last year I was enormously pregnant. In one respect, it seems a lifetime ago, yet it feels like this year has absolutely flown by.
Charlie is still enjoying Year Four. He can (intermittently!) get a note or two out of his flute now, and is still doing well with his swimming lessons. He can do a width of the pool on his back without too much trouble now, and is starting to get the hang of swimming on his front too - he just needs to crack the whole 'breathing while swimming' thing!
He and Pete are off for an exciting trip to London next weekend - Little Hearts Matter are hosting an evening with crime writers PD James and Ruth Rendell, and Charlie is going to present flowers to them both at the end. He and Pete will be staying down there overnight, so they thought they'd make the most of being in the capital by going to see Phantom (again!) but in the West End this time. I think Charlie's also angling for a trip to Hamleys, the big toyshop on Oxford Street!
So Rosie and I will be having a girly weekend - shame she's too little to take to the spa yet!
Preparations are underway for her birthday as it's less than two weeks away now. I am in full 'cake-planning' mode!
Charlie bought her present today and is taking great delight in telling her that she'll have to wait until the 10th before she can have it!
We've been attacking our massively overgrown garden again today. We filled two wheelie bins a couple of weeks ago, and have filled two more today. (And it STILL looks like a bombsite.) Hopefully we can get it straight before winter arrives.
Not much more news really - here's a pic of the kids playing yesterday. Rosie discovered that the white block from Charlie's old shape sorter has a hole down the middle, and that it whistles if she blows it - so she spent at least half an hour crawling around with it in her mouth sounding like a cross between Darth Vader and a football referee. (Maybe Chas could take some tips from her about getting a tune out of his flute!)

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