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Rosie's news...

Hi folks - well, I've been totally useless at blogging this month - time is running away with me!  It's Charlie's birthday on Monday (let's not mention the fact that he is going to be NINE!!!) and I still haven't really posted about Rosie's birthday, nor what she's getting up to these days.So, in the anticipation that next week's posting will be all about Charlie, here's a post about Rosie, with quite a few pics and a bit of video!
First of all - here's the birthday girl, looking ever-so-slightly bemused by all of us bursting into her bedroom and singing Happy Birthday to her!

She was equally bemused by the pile of presents and cards she found downstairs in the lounge! We had blown up a couple of balloons for her, and she was more interested in them, than in opening any presents, much to Charlie's chagrin!  
Rosie was happily batting the balloons around the floor, and Charlie was chasing after her, presents in hand saying: 'Here Rosie - why don't you open your presents?  Do you want me to help you? Shall I open them for you while you're playing with your balloons?...'
He didn't believe us when we told him that it had taken him the best part of three days to open his presents when he was one!
She really did receive some lovely presents and (once they were finally out of the wrapping paper...) had so much fun with them all.

We took her to a little kids' cafe and play place once Charlie finished school, and then headed off to TGI Friday's (Charlie's choice!) for a birthday tea.  They had decorated the table with balloons and everyone in the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her, which was lovely.  (I posted a few pictures on her actual birthday, so won't bother posting them again here.)
She and Charlie were both thrilled to bits when Nanny came to stay a couple of days later. Among other goodies, Nanny bought Rosie this fab push-along truck, which has been a massive hit.  There are loads of buttons to push, and the horn (which Rosie's beeping in the pic) makes several different sounds, all of which reduce her to helpless giggles.

While Nanny was here, we had a few friends and family round for a second round of 'Happy Birthday' and a slice of birthday cake at the weekend, which was really lovely, and Rosie was happy just pottering round, grinning at everybody and trying to bite the balloons.

She also discovered quite a liking for birthday cake, and polished off half of Nanny's slice! 
Talking of cake, here's the one I made for her... 

It was so nice to have a change from daleks!  I figured that I'd do a pretty, girly cake because by next year she'll probably be asking for a Teletubby or Makka Pakka from In The Night Garden - so it was a rosey cake for my little Rose! 
I thought it didn't turn out too badly for my first attempt at sugar flowers, and it actually tasted pretty nice too, even if I do say so myself!

I still can't quite believe she's one - it really doesn't seem five minutes since we were welcoming this precious, if slightly cross, little bundle...

Well, I made it to a year with my monthly 'what is she up to this month' posts, which I'm pretty smug about.  And although I'm probably not going to carry on quite as rigidly with the month by month updates, I'm going to try to keep a record of where she's at, and what she's up to. (This is going to be LOOOONG so feel free to stop reading here if you like - I won't be offended!)

So, at 12 (and a bit) months, what is Rosie-girl up to? 

  • Well, the biggie, I suppose, is that she's walking!  By her first birthday, she was walking maybe 5-6 steps, but it has really taken off in the past couple of weeks.  She's now walking most of the time when we're at home, and only really crawls to reach something to pull up on if she falls over.  Although she did manage to stand herself up in the middle of the floor today, so I think her crawling days are numbered! The video below is a couple of weeks old, so she's much less wobbly now, but I like this one because she's walking to Charlie and he's so proud of her! (You can hear him cheering if you've got your speakers on!) She's still not really walking outside the house, because I haven't bought her any proper shoes yet, but she's getting more and more confident every day.

  • She's almost out of all her 9-12mth clothes, and is fitting most of her 12-18mth stuff quite nicely. She's still in size 4+ nappies. I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's getting more and more difficult to carry for any length of time.
  • She still loves her bed and usually sleeps around 13 hours straight at night.  In the past month she has transitioned to one sleep a day, and now sleeps for a couple of hours between about 12-2pm.  Sometimes she has lunch before she goes to bed, but if she's really tired she'll have a late lunch after she gets up.  Rosie still doesn't much like sleeping on the go - either in the car or in her buggy.  She will sleep when we're out and about, but usually for no more than 30-40 minutes.  
  • She's got eight teeth now, and has more on the way.  Her second top left incisor popped through about a week ago, and the top right one has just broken the skin in the past day or so.  I think molars are still making their presence felt as well.  She's still a good eater and loves finger food, but is a bit more picky when her teeth are bothering her.
  • She is a climber.  Charlie was never too bothered about climbing on things (although I did find him sitting in the middle of the dining table once...) but Rosie LOVES to climb.  She's been doing the stairs super-quickly for months now, but nowadays she will climb on anything.  You might have seen her red rocking horse in an earlier post - well, she's decided she'd rather stand on the saddle circus-style than sit on it.  She'll climb on Charlie's little wooden stool, onto her truck and then onto the toybox, and has also sussed out how to get onto the sofa in about ten seconds flat.  Unfortunately, she hasn't cracked the 'get down backwards and feet first' thing yet, but we're working on it!
  • Her communication skills are really coming on - she'll shake her head for 'no' and will also say her own version of 'no, no, no' - usually when she's doing something I've told her not to!  She'll say 'eah' for yes, and is very good at pointing at what she wants.  She'll also say something along the lines of 'that' or 'this' to show you what she wants.  (Pete was watching something on the TV tonight, and she was standing by the TV unit, looking a bit agitated.  I asked her what she wanted, so she rummaged around on the shelf, pulled out her 'In the Night Garden' DVD, thrust it in my face and said 'Dis!'  Pretty clear, really!)  She loves Charlie's old pop-out tunnel and will stand by the toybox, pointing and saying 'Nunnel' until I get it out for her.  She also says 'Ninner' for dinner and 'Num-num' if it's something she likes!  (It seems that 'N' is her letter of choice to start lots of her words!)
  • She's getting pretty good at obeying commands too - she's generally pretty good if we tell her 'No', and really seems to understand our tone of voice.  She'll also respond appropriately to 'Show Daddy,' 'Give it to me,' 'Put it in the box,' 'Take your bib off,' 'Wipe your tray' etc.  If we say 'Where is the...?' she can look or point at what we're asking her.  She knows her nose, her hair, her teeth, her tummy and her bottom, and will give us her hands one at a time to have them wiped after a meal.  There's a kid's programme on the TV in which the presenter says 'take your finger and touch your nose...' and she often interrupts whatever she's doing to touch her nose when he asks her!  She's still enjoying learning animal noises and so far will make the sound/action for cat, cow, horse and fish, and will have a bash at a trumpeting noise for an elephant!
  • She also helps us to get her dressed/undressed by putting her arms up to get her top off, or feeding her arms into her sleeves.
  • She's also getting to know how to use objects for their proper purpose - if I give her a hairbrush, she'll brush her hair.  She'll also pretend to drink if she picks anything that looks a cup or beaker.  In the past few weeks she's also started to 'share' her food with us too - she'll take a bite of something and then feed us a bite too.
  • She's started to play really nicely with lots of her toys - she's getting pretty good on the cause/effect thing... pressing buttons to make noises, dropping a ball down a hole then looking underneath to find where it has gone.  She still loves her books, and will sit for quite a while, turning pages and looking at pictures.  She's starting to get the hang of play-tray jigsaws and can now put some of the simpler pieces back in the right holes, rather than just taking them all out!  I took her to a couple of mother/toddler groups last week for the first time, and she really enjoyed herself.  I wondered how she would be among all the other children, but she shot off with barely a backward glance. She seemed to enjoy sitting at a little table with all the other kids for her drink and biscuit too - she looked so grown up!
  • She knows how to unlock my iPhone with the slider, and can do it pretty effectively.  She also knows how to scroll the screens from side to side with one finger! She also knows which button on the remote turns the TV on.  She's a big fan of FaceTiming, and speaks to Nanny most days.  She also knows that she can talk to Nanny on the phone, and will often bring me the handset and say 'Nan-nan'.
  • She's getting really into music and dancing, and will clap hands and dance around if she hears music, or if I sing to her.
I can't think of anything else just now (and this is WAY longer than I'd planned...) so I'll sign off for now.  I'll be back soon though with all the news about what Charlie's been up to over half term, and all the plans for his birthday, so watch this space.

And if you've got all the way to the end of the massive post, you can give yourself a round of applause! :-)

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