Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, Charlie!

Can you believe our beautiful boy is NINE today?
Almost exactly nine years ago (and two weeks late!) he made his entrance at 9.33am - and we loved him on sight.
He has changed our lives and our perspective so massively - I can't even begin to imagine what our life would have been like without him.
He is a kind, thoughtful, mature, sensible, loving, funny lad and we are so desperately proud of him.
He has proved to be a fantastic big brother - in spite of having us all to himself for almost eight years, he has welcomed Rosie into our family with no issues at all. He loves her to bits, and she is totally dotty about her 'Lala'.
Nanny is coming over later, so we'll be going out for a nice birthday meal and then having some fireworks in the garden. (Well, what else can you do with a Bonfire Night birthday?!)
He's not having his party yet - we're taking some friends for a grown-up meal and theatre trip in a few weeks (to see Horrible Histories!) so he's got all that to come.
Watch this space later for some more pics (including his Moshi Monster birthday cake, which I'm very proud of!)

Happy Birthday Charlie-B - we love you so very much.
And as your Grandpa would have said - Many Happy Returns!


Claire said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

You are amazing!

We hope you have a lovely birthday! Horrible Histories will be brilliant!

with lots of love,

Dave, Claire, Danny, Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! :) :)