Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

Hi folks.
So. What have we been up to? Nothing particularly exciting really - just pottering along!
Rosie is walking so well now - she really doesn't crawl at all any more because walking is so much quicker. She's happy just wandering round and round the ground floor of the house. She's so stable and is getting more independent every day. It's actually quite sad in some ways - there's not much of the baby left these days - she's all toddler.
She's also full of cold - again. She only just got rid of the last snotty nose and now she's got another one! I think she's teething as well though, which I seem to remember can cause a runny nose too. So her bedroom reeks of Olbas Oil and she's leaving snotty snail trails all over the place again. Lovely.
Charlie's on good form - he's going to choir after school for the first time tomorrow and he's really looking forward to it. I think he sees it as his first step on the road towards playing the Phantom or Jean Valjean!
He's also got another big first coming up on Friday - Pete's taking him to his first rugby match! Wales are playing Samoa at the Millennium Stadium and they managed to get some bargain tickets. Mind you, he hasn't got a clue about the rules of rugby (Charlie, I mean, not Pete!) so Pete will have to give him a running commentary!
I know it's only November but the first bits of Christmas are starting to sneak their way in. It's the Christmas shop at school next week so Charlie will be doing some present shopping, and then it's the Christmas Fair on Friday so total festive mayhem will ensue!
It's not long either until we're off on a little (early) Christmassy break to Center Parcs. Charlie's very excited that Nanny's coming too, and we've got lots of festive fun planned. He's also looking forward to having fun in the pool now he can swim - talking of which, he's still having his lessons and can swim really well on his back. He can do front crawl as well, but is still perfecting the art of swimming and breathing at the same time!
That's about it for now - I'll try to get some new pics for my next post!

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