Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh yes, I remember now...

Every year autumn and winter sneak up on me - I get lulled into a false sense of security by the mild summer weather, and then BAM.
Snot season is upon us.
Rosie is still full of cold. She has a streaming nose and is spiking occasional temperatures, but she's also teething so her cheeks are red and she's chewing her fingers all the time. She's still remarkably even-tempered, but she looks awful and isn't as cheery as normal.
And now Charlie's got a sore throat. He's gone to school today - in his pyjamas because it's Children in Need day - and he's supposed to be going to the rugby with Pete later, but I'm trying to slot in an appointment with the doctor later if I can get one.
His throat is looking a bit angry and I wonder if he might need some antibiotics - in which case I'd rather get some on board now, instead of waiting until after the weekend.
There's SO much going on at this time of the year - places to go, people to see, Christmas plays and concerts to perform and numerous other festive things happening - but it's also the time of year when Chas usually ends up being hit with one bug after another.
Fingers crossed we can get both kids healthy before the fun stuff really starts!

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