Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Phantom of the Opera has been on at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff for the past few weeks, and Charlie and I were able to snap up a pair of the last few tickets!
We were right up in the upper circle, but the theatre is less than ten years old, and is absolutely fantastic. The seats were comfortable and really steeply ramped so the heads of the people in front of us were lower than our knees, so we had an amazing view, despite being in the cheap seats!
Charlie loved every minute (it makes me smile to hear him discussing the relative merits of the various performers he's seen playing the Phantom and Christine!) and really enjoyed leering over the edge of the balcony to spy on the orchestra.
It was lovely to have some quality time with my boy - just him and me.
Rosie had a fun afternoon at home with Pete, and enjoyed munching her way, uninterrupted, through Charlie's Christmas sweeties! (And wearing the reindeer antlers he bought her!)

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