Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snack time

Well, Charlie has gone off to his swimming lesson with Pete, so Rosie has decided to chill out in her beanbag chair with a drink and a gingerbread biscuit!
We've had a really nice half term - although I haven't got half the stuff done that I meant to do!
It's only another five weeks until the kids break up for Easter so it's a short spring term this year - which means the summer term will be REALLY long.
Rosie has finished her snack now and is hurtling up and down the lounge. I never realised before that such small children can run so much, so soon. Charlie didn't really run at all when he was little - he'd be breathless just walking from A to B.
It's such a novelty having a child who can run and climb without going blue and breathless, and who eats without being forced to.
It's funny really - we're so used to life with Charlie that all the 'normal' stuff Rose does without thinking seems very strange!
I guess it makes us doubly appreciative - we're always so grateful for and proud of everything Charlie does and achieves, while at the same time we're amazed by all of Rosie's milestones, and don't take any of the 'normal' stuff for granted!
Well, she's just stolen my slippers and is running around with them on her hands, so I'd better go and retrieve them before she drops them down the toilet or worse...

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