Monday, June 17, 2013

All good!

I'm pleased to report that all went well at the hospital this morning! (Although they have changed the routine - normally they just check his pacemaker, but now they do his height/weight/sats and a 12-lead ECG as well, which means the appointment takes a bit longer - but we were still out in less than 45mins!)
Charlie's had a real growth spurt - since he was last measured, he's grown almost 6cm and has gained 2.5kg, which is great. His sats were sitting at 88-89, which is pretty normal for him - he's usually high 80s/low 90s.
His pacemaker is working fine and he still has great battery life, with a minimum of nine years still left before it needs replacing.
His INR was also very stable, which is great, so he remains on monthly tests.
Rosie was good the whole time we were there, although she was a bit peeved that Chas got 'stickers' (ECG stickers) and she didn't! She's very keen on stickers at the moment, but fortunately her big brother let her have his once he'd finished with them!
Charlie had a good time once he got back to school, practising for his end-of-term presentation. We're going to watch it tomorrow morning - it sounds like it should be a lot of fun! :-)
Rosie is on good form - and we are fast heading towards potty training territory. She tells me when she needs the loo and often brings her potty to me. She chose some panties with cats on from the shop the other day which she likes to wear around the house. I just need to bite the bullet and take her out of nappies I think - but I'll probably wait until the summer holidays so we've got a bit more time. We just went 'cold turkey' with Charlie - no nappies at all, apart from sleep time, and he had it sussed within a week. So we'll have to see how Rosie gets on - she seems to be very motivated by being 'big' like Chas, so that might help!
Bring it on! (but I'd better stock up on carpet shampoo first...)

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The Cryer Family said...

Glad Charlie's doing so well! Just having a long-overdue catch-up of your blog! xx